Resident Screening for Small Rental Community Managers

As a rental agent or small property manager, it is important to screen potential residents’ credit and see how possible tenants manage their financial accounts.  This may help in mitigating the risk of late rent checks or the expense of an eviction.


  • Make smart rental decisions. Have the ability to view one or more credit reports; see potential resident's credit score, public records, credit inquiries, and payment history on real estate, installment and revolving credit accounts.

  • There's no cost to landlords and small property managers.Potential residents can purchase their credit report and score for $14.95 and then grant a rental agent or small property manager access to view it, for no additional fee. When an applicant pulls their credit, it will not affect their credit score and they will have access to their report for 30 days from purchase.
  • Information you can trust. There’s no faxing, scanning or printouts; view potential resident’s credit report and score directly through the credit bureau.

  • All Online. Resident credit screening is available 24/7. Create an account on Experian Connect and start request potential tenant's credit report immediately. The only required information is their name and email address.

  • Nationwide coverage. Experian Connect gives rental agents and small property managers the ability to check the credit of potential tenants in other states and locations.

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